Sweet Dream Sequence

Hello Again, Hip Huggers!!

I want to take a yoga moment and share how my practice has truly enhanced my lifestyle.

From the time I rise until my eyes close, in some form or facet, yoga is on my mind.

Even when working out, I am always incorporating yoga into my recovery for days I left and run,

as well as active rest on days I don’t! But, it doesn’t Savasana stop there.

 Yoga not only enhances my days and workouts, but my nights and sleep as well!

Practicing a short, restorative sequence before bed brings awareness to my breath,

areas of my body which are tense, and allows me to fully relax and release my day.

Needless to say, the act of just simply deep breathing & deep stretching is calming and centering.

This, Hip Huggers, allows for a more restorative sleep. Our brains and bodies NEED this!

Note: I am not a yoga teacher, so please use caution when attempting these or any yoga poses.

 Also, if this particular sequence is too long for you, or you’re not comfy with the flow, that’s ok!

Modify by choosing the ones you feel most comfortable in, and start building from there.

 I practice each of these poses for about 10 breaths, and switch sides if necessary.

I focus on breathing and keeping my spine straight as possible while bending at the waist.

Let’s Get it in, Hipsters! Ready, Set, Flow!

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose:

photo 3 (1)

Seated Head to Knee Pose:

photo 2 (18)

Standing Forward Bend:

photo 1 (22)

Wide Legged Forward Bend:

photo 1 (2)

Legs Up the Wall Pose:

photo 3 (2)

Reclining Hero Pose:

photo 1 (21)


Child’s Pose:

photo 4 (12)

Too tired to get on the mat? Then jump in the bed and get flowing!

The benefits will come wherever you decide to give your mind and body

some love! Bonus: if you can take just 5 minutes in the morning and do a few rounds of

Sun Salutations to wake up your body and mind by getting the blood flowing, you

are off to a fantastic start to your day, too! Come home to yourself. You deserve it!


I’m off to my Friday night yoga class,

Namaste, my friends! Sweet Dreams 🙂

Question: How much restful sleep a night are you getting?




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