Be Basic

Some things…

I’ve gained back ALL of the weight I’d lost. All. Of. It. I’m sitting surprisingly content at 216.8 lbs. I’m 5’6 (I get that question a lot for some reason) but on the decline as I was hovering at 218.6 to the ounce for a month or so.

***I was briefly on antidepressants for 3 months before realizing that I had gained 20 lbs.  don’t need them and really needed to make some solid commitments in my life instead. Not at all saying SSRIs are bad, but not the change I needed. I needed to better manage my life and reaffirm my priorities, where I was ready or not. I did – and it’s been the BEST decision I’ve made all my own in a long time. Proud of ME!


Back to the weight gain: I am a living, breathing illustration of what heavy lifting can do because today (or 2 weeks ago per picture) I look EXCEPTIONALLY stronger and healthier than I did at this weight 8 years ago.

I have been lifting here and there, with most consistency being May and June. As for cardio (my true love) it’s hit or miss – being indoor cycling a couple times a week. But geez, the eating has been in, out and every damn where! I succumbed to the snacking that comes with studying and assignment deadlines. The big meals that come with nights out celebrating friends. And the inactivity that precedes spending more time watching movies with the family and enjoying summer nights looking at the stars… I have few regrets. But, I like the idea of getting healthier. I am not afraid to say I need to lose 15 lbs and I’m ready to limit celebrating food All. The. Time for some good ol’ discipline, hydration, and better choices.


I’ve been making much healthier choices since summer. Lavash BLT wraps and protein bowls of brown rice, black beans, chicken and veggies have been my main squeeze. I’ve been limiting the cheese and the heavy fats, like sausage and ground beef, even if they are coupled with veggies and seem harmless. Cooking spray vice olive oil, and so on and so on. Not restricting any food groups whatsoever, just eating a little less, and watching my portions and drinking more tea in-between meals to bypass boredom snacking.

Good Life news, I am 7 classes from my Bachelors! Y’all, this is the home stretch for me. Just finished a 4 credit hour science lab & lecture at the community college, and praise Jesus that is over! I am also taking Medical Terminology and Environemental Health at TDub this summer, so it’s been anything BUT a break. I’ll be returning to work for the 17/18 year in a few weeks so I’m really trying to organically get in a rhythm I can keep up that includes heavy weight lifting, a couple runs and a couple yoga sessions through the week with at least one complete rest day and one active one.

Simple. Not adding a new regimen to my already Uber productive life, but cutting back and getting back to basics because…

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Til next time, Hip Huggers!


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