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A Period of Pluck

I can’t believe we are still here. Alive and well.

2018 is a year I’ll never forget. Took some L’s but the good L, my Lord, is faithful! It was a long plucking period of learning lessons, about myself, my path, and my future.

Ecclesiastes 3 says there is a ‘time to plant and a time to pluck what has been planted’ and this was a plucking harvest. I was driving to work and in my thoughts when this motto for life made me smile…

Ever Onward.

Not just move on, but move.

“Maybe we can move to Arizona?!”

So, we did!


So, I have had a very full plate this year. Not only has my family relocated to AZ, I did not wait, and jumped right into working as an inclusion para educator here, but I’ve finally reached the finish line in getting my teaching certification. One SEI class left, and I can apply for an alternative certificate. I’ll be Elementary certified K-8 and I am very excited, curious about what my new career and life will look like. Dreaming of teaching science or social studies, but I’d teach basketweaving if it got me to my full certification! Not to mention, I now have 5 teenagers and a soon to be adult in my brood… parenting, adulting, all the expectations.

I have started back, committing to my body, and health, and mind after a year of putting myself dead damn last. I had been on oral contraceptives for a year to get rid of some period ‘irregularities’ and hadn’t really been successful. I purchased a great book that helped me make the decision to pluck the pill out of my life before things got too whacky.

I’m certainly still in the phase where my body is getting back to normal, and can already pinpoint some things that had changed. I feel like the suppression of testosterone affected my desire to workout, the water retention made it impossible to lose, and the depletion of nutrients definitely contributed to bad cravings for salt and sugar. Fixing it all now, data by day and I’m so grateful for the resiliency my heart and body have shown me… period!

Even with a membership at the local rec center (that I absolutely love for my whole family), I’m starting back with the most basic of workouts at home to get my weight back to a happy place.


I’m 207 205.6 lbs as of this morning and have a GOAL of getting under 200 lbs. before the last day of school, May 29th.

I also began fasting 16 hours, 5 days a week. No food/drink after 8pm the night before, needless to say. Next day, I drink 32 oz or herbal tea, no honey of course, and I break my fast at my noon lunch break with a massive salad of kale greens mix, 4 oz. chicken breast, 1/2 medium avocado, nuts, and feta. Also eating 2 cuties, and 1/4 cup nuts on the drive home to keep cravings way down and get my mind. Dinner is usually veggies and meat, or maybe 1/2 avocado, tuna, and a few crackers if I feel the need to.

I am doing 45 minutes of SOMETHING ACTIVE 5 days a week. I’ve been walking, running, step aerobics, 30 Day Shred, and lifting…. whatever change up works for the day. With 5 kids and a husband who I need to show up for daily, including work, track meets, basketball games, recitals, date nights, cuddle time, etc., a check in the boa has brought me much content because I am making being active and healthy on top of it all!

Overall, I am trying to keep bonafide carbs lower, and carb cycling, so to speak, on weekends with more carbs, and less meat. It’s working as far as energy, digestion, and cravings. This is 2 whole months in of this lifestyle, so it’s safe to say these are habits…. just time to really incorporate consistency in my cardio and lifting workouts.

Now, off to 5th period!

We’ll chat soon, Hip Huggers!


Be Basic

Some things…

I’ve gained back ALL of the weight I’d lost. All. Of. It. I’m sitting surprisingly content at 216.8 lbs. I’m 5’6 (I get that question a lot for some reason) but on the decline as I was hovering at 218.6 to the ounce for a month or so.

***I was briefly on antidepressants for 3 months before realizing that I had gained 20 lbs.  don’t need them and really needed to make some solid commitments in my life instead. Not at all saying SSRIs are bad, but not the change I needed. I needed to better manage my life and reaffirm my priorities, where I was ready or not. I did – and it’s been the BEST decision I’ve made all my own in a long time. Proud of ME!


Back to the weight gain: I am a living, breathing illustration of what heavy lifting can do because today (or 2 weeks ago per picture) I look EXCEPTIONALLY stronger and healthier than I did at this weight 8 years ago.

I have been lifting here and there, with most consistency being May and June. As for cardio (my true love) it’s hit or miss – being indoor cycling a couple times a week. But geez, the eating has been in, out and every damn where! I succumbed to the snacking that comes with studying and assignment deadlines. The big meals that come with nights out celebrating friends. And the inactivity that precedes spending more time watching movies with the family and enjoying summer nights looking at the stars… I have few regrets. But, I like the idea of getting healthier. I am not afraid to say I need to lose 15 lbs and I’m ready to limit celebrating food All. The. Time for some good ol’ discipline, hydration, and better choices.


I’ve been making much healthier choices since summer. Lavash BLT wraps and protein bowls of brown rice, black beans, chicken and veggies have been my main squeeze. I’ve been limiting the cheese and the heavy fats, like sausage and ground beef, even if they are coupled with veggies and seem harmless. Cooking spray vice olive oil, and so on and so on. Not restricting any food groups whatsoever, just eating a little less, and watching my portions and drinking more tea in-between meals to bypass boredom snacking.

Good Life news, I am 7 classes from my Bachelors! Y’all, this is the home stretch for me. Just finished a 4 credit hour science lab & lecture at the community college, and praise Jesus that is over! I am also taking Medical Terminology and Environemental Health at TDub this summer, so it’s been anything BUT a break. I’ll be returning to work for the 17/18 year in a few weeks so I’m really trying to organically get in a rhythm I can keep up that includes heavy weight lifting, a couple runs and a couple yoga sessions through the week with at least one complete rest day and one active one.

Simple. Not adding a new regimen to my already Uber productive life, but cutting back and getting back to basics because…

via Twitter


Til next time, Hip Huggers!

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Old Programs, New Potatoes

Hello Huggers, hope your Thursday is going swell.

It’s nearing the end of winter break (for work at least) and am already bracing for the staff development day Monday – yeah, the day AFTER New Year’s Day. This year will be a very conservative celebration for NYE, to say the least. Maybe even a 12pm turndown because I’d rather wake up for a run than an aspirin before returning back to school to finish out the next half of the school year. Yay!


The food program has been great as of late. Mike turned me onto potatoes o’brien (sic) this week and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. Literally have eaten them everyday. I’m a hash brown kinda gal so, this is a big deal! I made them myself this morning with some oven fried bacon (turkey for Mike) and a fried egg. I am by the way, very proud of the portion control! One egg, 2 strips of bacon, and just about a cup of potatoes. I did fry the in grape seed oil, but I am a noob and didn’t want to ruin them.


The workout program was fantastic today! I went on my first sorta long run in a really long time. I remember when I would gear up to run a 10k, 6.2 very real miles. I would never make myself run a 10k. In fact, most of my successful 10ks actually began as planned 5 milers that morphed into a mental mind game of running half of the most intimidating mileage I feared to go, the great 13.1. So, in a sense this one was no different. I planned just a 3 mile run, my old usual run.


Before I knew it, I was 3 miles OUT instead of AROUND. I got caught up in my music and bargained with myself that I would just walk back. I kinda wanted to see if anything on my familiar route from once upon a time had changed. Nope, all still there. Including the muddy ditches I was reminded – because apparently I have forgotten the lost art of jumping over one and instead ran right thru it.


I’ll probably never run again in these shoes anyway. I seem to have also forgot how vital having a well fitted running shoe is. I need to try and find a good pair on sale this weekend. Speaking of sales, Tom Thumb has a huge sale on their Organics line on teas and coffee, so I have stocked up as I am getting back to my daily intake of green tea.



Hip Huggers, I really am focusing on being mindful of my meals, in the coming year. I bombed it so bad in 2016, y’all. But I know I need to get back my old program in weight loss: consistent tracking, calories, macros, whatever. So, I’m off to research a what my favorite weight loss peeps are using. See you in the last post before the New Year!

Question: Loose leaf or bagged teas? 

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Talk About It Tuesday

Hello Hip Huggers,

Here is an interesting Transform(ATE)tion Tuesday to end the year….

Jan. ’15 (left) Dec ’16 (right) – 2 year and 20 lb. difference. And yes, ate a sista did in 2016!

The picture on the left is from January ’15 and the other is today, December ’16. Almost 2 years apart and although I can clearly see where I’ve GAINED weight and hair in the new picture. There is about a 20 lb difference between the 2 pictures and you guys, I don’t feel bad about that at all! In fact, I think I look surprisingly great for having an anything but active year, complete collapse on eating in moderation and mindfully, and really allowing stress and self loathing to rue the day all this year. But anyway…

Lets talk about: Goals.


Really, I did!

My fitness goals for 2017 are pretty simple: 15 miles of running/walking a week, 3 liters of water a day, and a loss of 20 18 lbs. by June 2017. I really want to get my portions back under control, cut out bread & cheese a bit (y’all, I’ve been doing really good with the cheese) and train of a race – all secondary achievements I plan on acquiring this by summer as well.

This is not, in any, saying I won’t involve myself in a plethora of other fitness activities. I’d like to run the Hot Chocolate 15k in Feb, which will require much more than 15 miles a week. I also can’t neglect how vital lifting weights and cross training are running, and I enjoy all of the above. But, to get myself motivated, I want to go back to what I know can easily be a part of my everyday with working, being in school, and having a huge family to take care of. Putting things into perspective: Just run the world day, Pam.


Speaking of, today’s run ( first since June) was balmy and nice. The weather is so fall like here its crazy. We actually didn’t even get out for a run until well after 12, a sure no-no any other time of the year here in Texas pretty much. We just lapped it around the park here until we got 30 minutes so I have no idea the distance. That, thanks in part to an upgrade in FitBit. I got a FitBit Alta for Christmas. Lovely, however it doesn’t allow for you to manually start a workout on the watch – there s no button. I’m I missing something? Besides my old Charge HR….

Merry Christmas to me. FitBit Alta, swapped out the black for the purple band, because like Nas, ‘my state of mind is purple’ in 2017.

I’m kinda bummed because I did want a FitBit that was a little more stylish, and more comfortable to wear around the clock so I can get accurate data of my sleeping. But I didn’t want to give up so many of the little things I wanted I a fitness watch. I can always return this and buy another, I just wish I’d done a little more research before adding this particular one to the Christmas wish list. I definitely didn’t trade up, but I’ll give in a little longer before I revert back to old faithful, like I’ve done with most meals…

Fried chicken breast in grapeseed oil (was on sale), and lightly sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese while piping hot! Then, paired with plain jasmine rice and roasted skinny string beans.

Note: when making really flavorful (read: fried) protein, I always stick to plain rice, preferably jasmine. The chicken has plenty o’ seasoning and the plain rice balances it all out so the meal is sans unnecessary salt and oil (I sometimes stir fry my rice if just making chicken breast to add a little moisture to the meal,  but its really not necessary. I myself am cooking for 7 and they don’t all, or should not all, have to eat like me every night. Food is fun, don’t forget that! Meal down the hatch, and am currently trying to get down these last 20 oz. of water! Good night, Hip Huggers!

What are your 2017 resolutions and/or goals? We can encourage each other! Comment below!


Zucchini Tuna Patties

Hey Hip Huggers! Aren’t you glad it’s the weekend?

Saturdays are for coffee and PBS Pinterest. Or rather, food on Pinterest. Or rather re-pinning food that you pinned and said you’d try 2 years ago. Guilty.

I’ve been equally guilty as of late of buying veggies on sale to only end up tossing them after a few days because they’ve gone bad – too lazy to slice and freeze them to salvage the find. Especially bananas, I am the worst with those.

So this morning, I found myself with 2 zucchini, on the brink. I literally stood in the fridge and devoured one, so one less to worry about. But, rather then force down the other, I figured maybe there was some crazy easy recipe online that I could whip up quickly and give said zucchini the true end (see that, Trubies) it deserved.

So, I’m Scrolling around on Pinterest and I find this great recipe via Read the deets…. low carb, protein packed and I had all the fixins’? I was in. Here it is:

Zucchini Tuna Patties

3/4 raw zucchini, shredded and strained.
**Note: shredding them into a few, folded paper towels, twisting closed and squeezing gets a good enough amount of water out of them.

1 can of tuna, drained well

2 Tbsp rolled oats

2 Tbsp shredded cheddar cheese

1 egg

Season with a little garlic powder, salt, pepper.


Meal prep, for real


Mix ingredients and divide mixture in half. Form 2 round patties to your liking.

Now, the recipe called for cooking spray presumably in a nonstick pan, but I’m a die hard cast iron cook so I used about a tbsp. of olive oil in my 8 inch chefs pan.

Pause: Nothing wrong with the low fat method, but it’s much easier cooking/crisping with a little oil and I wanted this to be tasty, especially since if it didn’t stay together well or cook fully I would’ve scraped the recipe all together. I know me. So, I opted for oil. It’s not a big deal.

Play: Cook patties on each side for about 6 minutes at least. I cooked them on a med low temp, between 5 and 6 the first side and reduced to 4 and covered for full cooking on the other. The cast iron helps a great deal in giving the patties that nice color and crust.

Plate and enjoy. I paired mine with a little avocado ranch packet that was left over from a Cool Wrap from Chik-Fil-A last week. Those things are clutch, and now so is this recipe. Pinterest for the Win

Simple and healthy. Try it, Hip Huggers and tell me what you think…


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Swinging By, Stress Free

Hello Hip Huggers and Happy Friday!

Just swinging in to share with you all my week on this lovely Friday afternoon. Since reading Eat, Pray, Love –  my enthusiasm for things feels anew, to say the least. The stress of getting it all done, has gone. I’ve adopted a ‘will do my best’ approach for living, just like that. Everyday, I have gotten out of bed, with an attitude of DO! My husband has been working long hours these last few weeks so I have had to step it up even around here and I have done so… willingly(?) Albeit, I am very proud that I have gotten up and out of bed everyday with purpose and have hit the floor running, figuratively at least.


IMG_2648 [22488]
 Unready for a run, but ready for the day!

These last few weeks, I have tracked my eating and water intake about 80% of the time.  Mindful of fiber and side eyeing simple carbs. I have started journaling again and its been absolute therapy in dealing with falling back, and stepping forward in fitness. I have made it to Zumba twice a week and have ran at least 2 miles most days. All without feeling like I am overhauling my life or depriving myself. Getting it in where it fits in and focusing on the small things I can do to reach my goals, without overthinking it. Some days salmon, some days salad. All day delish.

IMG_2318 [22487]
Kale salad with chicken, cheese, salad topping and tahini dressing, yum!

One big delish thing on my ‘To Do list of late is to attend at least 2 classes at my gym. I have been LOVING going to Zumba with my friend B, but the classes are in a different city 20 minutes away, and they start at 7:30 pm. The classes at my home gym vary, but evening ones start at 7pm, a little earlier like I like, and only 5 minutes down the road from home and across from Starbucks. Again, it’s at MY own gym – a place where I need to be swinging by regularly to better familiarizing myself with anyway.


IMG_3087 [25990]
Going to check out the cycling, yoga, and Zumba classes these next couple weeks!

But, I reeally, reeeeally want to get back in full swing with running 20 miles a week again before the REAL Spring heat up and the scorching heat of an impending summer get the best of me.In the past, jumping in a 5k has always sparked a little something in the running spirit. I have been browsing a few races and have all but hit enter on one in particular, the 2016 5k for Human Rights in Dallas in May. But, I’m not 100% in it heart and soul. Even though I am certain I can manage a 5k on little training, I do NOT want to get out there, ill prepared and end up shelving running for year, again. I have to be smart and focused on the long term: weekly running, for fun and fitness. STRESS FREE!

Forward me my mail, B… I’m outta there!


What are some goals you’d like to get checked off before summer? I’d like to hear ’em below!


Super Tuesday Turmeric Brew

Hello Hip Huggers! It’s Super Tuesday!

In honor of said super important day, I have made my 2nd batch of this super antioxidant, detoxifying, health drink my friend Hannah passed on to me when I want feeling myself a few weeks back. I feel it’s my duty to share with you all this great recipe. So, a couple things first…

1) I’d stop by your local thrift and try and find a few mason jars. If your lucky and can find the uber cute ones, awesome. They’ll hold the perfect amount. Just be sure they all have screw in tops. I say go ahead and buy the glass storage jars because…

2) Turmeric stains something serious! So I’d have some nice hot, bleachy dishwater (or whatever stain fighter you use) waiting in the wings. I’ve learned that glass doesn’t stain like plastic does. Permanantly dyed a great Brita pitcher my first go round.

And now for the Wonder Shots:

3 Handfulds Fresh Ginger Root

3 Handfuls Fresh Turmeric

5 Organic Lemons, peeled

32 ounces Filtered Water

1/4 cup Manuka Honey, or Raw Honey

Strainer or Sieve

In a large pot, grate (or food process for time) all the ginger and turmeric. 

Peel lemons and drop in pot. Add filtered water and bring to a simmer. Let simmer for maybe 5 minutes and move batch of goodness to another burner to rest. In about 20 minutes, strain the batch into a large pitcher. Add honey and stir.  

Separate into Mason jars and let cool before storing in fridge. 

Serving size, about 2 ounces a day, when feeling bad, or until finished. 


Testimonial: I started drinking this concoction about 2 weeks ago. First thing I noticed was the incredible energy boost I got, almost instantly. Also, my husband and daughter both had a bad case of strep and I made it out unscathed. I’m very susceptible to strep since having mono as a teen and acquiring an upper respiratory infection back in 2011. I woke up a bit groggy Sat morning when all were sick, drank my last brew and boom… sickness fought off!

Try it and let me know how it works for you! 

 If you’ve already discovered this great supplement – how has it helped you?


One (not) for the Books!

Hello Hip Huggers, I’m so glad its the weekend!

I have had a pretty stressful week. One of my twin boys had strep and ended up being home all week due to a bad reaction from the antibiotics. Lots of extra mom duties, so I didn’t get much working out done. I did get started on a series of books I want to have read this year. I’m such a sucker for excuses vampires…

Red wine too.

But geez, do I miss my fitness! No, not just being fine as wine with my weight, but, living the Fit Life. The looming thought of running galavanting around my brain all day. The soreness from a great muscle building workout. The incredible sleep I used to get being spent by end of the day. Lastly, the feeling of control over SOMETHING in my life for a change, lol!

So, with that said,   I’ve been tinkering with eating for lifestyle again. I’ve been eating plenty, never don’t worry, but I have been striving for more of a balance between complex carbs and protein and trying to dial down all the yummy fat…

Hey, I’m a work in progress. Really, who can resist mozzarella balls and olives? And cheese crisps? Should be me! But it’s not. I tried.


No, you shant.

And, I finally got out of my head and ran….yes ran. Forward movement. Heavy breathing. Sweat and stink ran. And it was incredible!

I chatted with my bff while I warmed up and about 15 minutes before I felt ready. I had 4 planned in my head, but wasn’t feeling tracking my run, so I opted out. I knew Fitbit would tell me later what I actually ran, so I wasn’t wrapped up in it. My legs felt fresh, of course and I had air in my lungs! I didn’t start laboring until about 45 minutes in. I usually get tired and my form starts breaking around 5 miles give or take. Maybe less considering I’m less fit today, but I was in the ballpark. All smiles after those miles!

Now, I’m off to stretch and combat the inevitable hip soreness I will greet at dawn.. welcome back, #runnerprobs.. How I’ve missed you.

Question: Do you track/log all your runs? Or do you just wing it?

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Gettin’ In the Check In…

Hello Hip Huggers!! Just checking on in wit ya…


You’re here now. That’s all that matters.

If you check in with me on Instagram, that little ticker right down there in the right hand corner, you’re up to date on my yoga challenges.
So, I’ll talk a smidge about other things that have been progressing over the last couple of weeks.
Since my last post, I have been doing a lot of reeling in on realizations about my fitness, you know, staying on my toes…

photo 4 (11)

First, I had a short tenure again with MyFitnessPal.
After a few days of fitting all my macros, I came to the conclusion that I don’t really need a food tracker any longer.
Aligning with my fitness goals, I just need to continue eating whole, real healthy foods as I have been.
Being certainly mindful of my protein intake, keeping a close watch on fats, and gettin’ in my fiber goals daily.
With delicious real meals such as this one from last night…

photo 2 (16)

Next, BodyBeast has been pretty much everything I have expected.
Not for the weak-minded I must say, because you will certainly be humbled when you are lifting drop, super, and giant sets!
I can’t believe I am saying this, but I had to break out my 5 lb. weights…yes. However, It lives up to the name.
I am seeing gains again. Check out this PUMP!!

phonto (3)

I DID have to take a week off though, and that totally had me in the dumps.
I overextended my quad in yoga during a Vinyasa flow.
To be precise, too many lunge variations to quick in the sequence kinda irritated my upper left quad.
In short, a lot of fast flowing lunges that ended like this…

photo 5 (5)

I was afraid I had pulled a tendon at first, that’s how bad it hurt.
But after icing and resting a few days, the pain has completely subsided.
Thank GOD! Lesson learned: Slow down to keep up!
Being sidelined from everything because of one thing is not a good look…
And trust me, I’ve worn it. Never. Again.

So, I had to scale back and return to less intense yoga and workouts.
Running was out of the question, so I picked a few 10 minute full body workouts to do daily,
After that pump, I trek over to the ‘Incredimill’ for a quick 30 minutes of walking intervals with hills,
or get it some step aerobics to get that heart rate up as well as that fitness…
For a fat burn that looks like this…

photo 3 (12)

Sometimes less is more. The name of the game in forever fitness, Hip Huggers

Check It!!

Question: What is your favorite form of Cardio?


Beasty Bling and Berry Smoothies

Hello, and Hello!!

I was feeling kinda sketchy about having an entire post that talks nothing about
August runs with Hips , but I haven’t blogged in a week and I didn’t want you to
forget about waking me.

photo 1 (18)

Parshva Parvatasana (Side Mountain Pose)
in Savasanahhhhhhh. Heaven.

After much ado about nothing reaching a
pretty cool milestone of 100+ miles for the month of July,
I guess my brain and my legs just kind of need a break.
This was by far my most ran month since I started putting
one foot in front of the other in the name of health.

photo 1 (19)

Despite the Bling, I have revisited some fitness goals.
My husband and I both have really been missing the weight lifting scene.
We are trying some new, unconventional means this time…

photo 3 (10)

Are you ready to Beast?
I am really, REALLY committed to this.
Crazy thing is I shared that same sentiment with my husband, and he agreed.
He says, I am different this time around. Something deep down in me really is.
I can feel it in my cheese pizza lined gut.

I guess I should clean up my eating a little bit too.
I’ve had more sugar than I care to admit to as of late.
Partly, due to summertime eating and an array of snacks around
for this seasonal time of year when kids are home and always bored hungry.
But these smoothies I started having daily, are here to stay!!

photo 2 (14)

Berry Smoothie:

1 cup Hemp Milk
1 frozen banana (peel THEN freeze)
1 handful strawberries
1 handful blueberries (they’re the Star!)
Drizzle of honey (if ya got a sweet tooth)
Cleaner eating starts today. Body Beast starts tomorrow!
Excite to get started on this stuff here! But first, let me take a selfie…

photo 2 (13)

I’ve filled you in. Now its time to refill my cup, Hip Huggers!

Question: Have you revisited some Fitness Goals lately?