Marathon Monday Movement

Hey Hip Huggers, and Happy Marathon Monday for all those who’ve worked really hard and have earned that coveted bib to run on such an incredible stage. In lieu of running, I’ve been kicking major tail with Jillian Michaels and 30 Day Shred.

I’ve also finished up my last few workouts with 30 minutes of intervals or incline hiking walking to help meet my step goals and get a good burn in while my heart rate is relatively up and I’m motivated to move…

Working hard yes, but truth is, I wouldn’t pass what I would consider my OWN fitness test right about now. I’m using 5 and 3 lb weights vice the 8 and 5 lb weights I’d become accustomed to. I cannot finish Level 3 mountain climbers in 30 DS, so modify with static ones and even THAT is tough to do. I opt out of side ab raises at the end for lying leg raises. Even running is about 30% harder than it has been due to the extra weight I am carrying, of which IS more muscle, thankfully. All and all, you know what? I smile through ALL OF IT! Because it’s about the journey – and God, I wish I would’ve got that the first time around – too busy focusing on small minded, ridiculous goals.



Eating has been much more methodical and  calculated as well. I’m still trying to find my sweet spot here. I can’t commit to LCHF, or rather don’t want to. I’m over denying my body carbs and drowning in restriction. However, diabetes runs rampant in my bloodline and every time I have my annual physical – it’s like holding my breath under water. I have very good labs and am not even borderline diabetic so I am incredibly happy that my body is still fighting the good fight of health and that I still have the chance to even further improve my health and stave off that blood disorder, hopefully with hard work, forever!

Another cool thing I am trying to focus on is moving around every hour. Fitbit has updated their app and now, or rather always has been and now we see, how often we take 250 steps or more per hour collectively within about a 10 hour period or so. I have mine set to 12 hours because I want to stay motivated to move every hour as much as possible.

Couple things I noticed. I am the most sedentary in the morning between about 7:30 and 9am. That is the time I watch the Today show and have my coffee while checking out things on social media. I never would have thought I don’t get up at ALL throughout that period though, that was a bit surprising. Also, I do a pretty good job of getting up most of the time naturally and moving. Maybe not 10 of 11 most days but at least 8 and that’s okay for right now. Life ebbs and flows and being at home and trying to find things to get me moving is a challenge most days. Working I had 5k steps by lunch! All the stairs and mandatory walk breaks and bathroom breaks – but I am moving and working out and eating well, and I have to give myself credit for that. Just creating a life of movement in this season, hopefully to be full fledged by summer….


What are you doing to add movement into your daily life?


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