Onward and Downward Dog

So, now that I have gotten that awkward conversation out of the way, and sticking with awkward things (initially)…

let me segue into what’s been happening over the last, let’s say, 30 days…

 I’m All About Yoga!



I was bitten by the bug about the same week I deleted my well grieved Instagram account.

I must admit, I have never been a true yoga fan.

No desire, no yoga pals, no exposure. Here’s the why:

First, I am thick. Enough said. The thought of my body contorting into pretzel like positions

and still managing to breath reminded me of my step uncle

practicing wrestling moves on my sister and I when I was a kid… embarrassingly haunting memories.

Next, being upside down. Again, I am thick. I couldn’t see how my arms, triceps, or even neck rather could hold up

all this body .For any allotted amount of time. Without getting an aneurysm.

Lastly, and probably the weakest of them all, I didn’t think it was much of a workout did I just say that?.

 I mean, yeah, there are  different degrees no pun intended of yoga, especially the uber popular, Hot Yoga, but for all the effort

 and work, could it in anyway replace a current workout I was already doing?

Well… that’d be a Yes. Aaaand a No. Let me Explain…


Yes, yoga IS a workout. Maybe not a fat burning workout depending on what level you start,

flow of the class, but no less, yes, a workout.

After my first yoga class, I was sore for 2 days. I was very surprised and warned something that felt so uncomfortable at first

was actually stimulating my muscles and I’d be sore. Like the novice I was, I went in with my heart rate monitor to see the calorie burn

…maybe 250 in the 60 minute class total, not much. But, the day after, I was mega sore…mega.

*Not to mention, my idea of yoga was very closed minded.

 Its benefits go far beyond just physical benefit… but that’s a later post.*

During my first  the class, I shook A LOT holding poses. I’m thinking , oh I can hold that for 5 breaths like in the yoga book I bought said…

 Try 15 breaths! You hold them muuch longer in class, and you don’t want to be the one that lets go first

(not Namaste, but you know we are all competitive little twats) so you fight to hold it,

totally relying on your mind to just make it stick and boom… you did it.

Sidenote: My surprising strengths? Balance and flexibility. Twisting, stretching, I was even surprised at how my body adapted.

 My yoga teacher said I was ‘miss Flexy’, my hubby says I’m just fit… I’ll take both!


My biggest struggle was downward dog. Not because I can’t hold a triangular inversion,

but because I sweat like a pig and that rubbery mat was no

 match for my clam palms from the heat and newness of the class.

I’ve since learned a towel fixes that, and to be ok with having to get out of an asana to

get yourself together, it’s pretty exhilarating I must say.


(Shoot, I just excitedly got politely off track. Ok, here’s the other side of the game)

No, because I don’t believe it’s intended to replace weight lifting or cardio, but to enhance it!

Running and lifting tighten muscles, I’ve learned and felt for years.

 Yoga allows for so much intense stretching that’s like a reparative measure for taxing the muscles.

I’ve been sore deep, deep in my glutes from yoga… more so than any

squats or deadlifts have ever done so, I must say, there is something to all this.

 As we speak, my shoulders are a bit sore from balancing upside down… I finally got off of the wall!


So, point is, I am a fan for life. Yoga works! Physically, mentally, spiritually – it’s very restorative.

 I’ve been 2x a week for the past month and its worth every $! I have really, really opened up my home practice,

and have gotten so far out of my comfort zone, I am certain the only thing that is stiff, is my mind.


So, from now on, yoga is in the mix with lifting and running. It all comes full circle, too!

 I had been feeling like something was missing from working out, the fun element.

Yoga fixed that. I’m becoming Namaste in all that I do 🙂


I’m off to unplug and get a little yoga in now. See ya soon!

Question: Do you Yoga? Where does it fit in your wellness routine? Good, huh?




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