Out with the Old, In with the Clone


Hello Hipsters!!! Hope you are having a fantastic Summer-To-Be!!

What I have for you is yet, an other awkward post after a nother disappearing act. Yours truly.

Was kinda hoping no one noticed?


 But, there is new perspective here. So, 3 weeks ago, my Instagram was deleted.

2 years of sharing progress, runs, milestones, food, and MANY other gratuitous pictures… gone. I can’t even get my name back; I’ve tried.

 It’s suspended in uselessverse somewhere. Indefinitely – because @runswithhips just tells me some lame excuse about she’s “not found”… I miss her.


So, that unfortunate “break” allowed me a lot of time to reconvene what my purpose and point of even sharing is, really.

I mean, was I more disappointed that all my pictures were gone, or that I lost ALL those followers?  My ducklings!

Gah, I couldn’t even deal… I was just done with stupid Instagram altogether.

Then, I (accidentally) sought peace in the most unassuming of places… my blog 🙂

In short: I went back just yesterday and started reading from my very first post. I laughed… A LOT!! The BEST therapy.  I was actually proud of the content and direction I was once going in my blog but furthermore, I was proud I had ever even started it!  Who am I?!?!

I figured this: just like IG 2 years ago, no one cared about runs or hips or how.  It was just another page on a social media site with a bajillion other people posting the same. exact. story.

So, how’d I ever end up with 1000 people even remotely interested in my journey? How’d my page become “feature worthy” or even worth the Shout Out? Or a landing for encouraging words and goal setting? I think folks were genuinely encouraged! And something about my page was…  INTERESTING!!!!!!

So, I removed the clouds out of my brain, and started a new IG page: @runswithips  – Pretty much the same, sans an “h”…
Until Instagram changes its ugly ways, I’ll forever be a clone…


 A bit painful, because the former was my little baby and I poured into it… but no way could Instagram ever have the audience that a REAL LIVE BLOG ever can. This is real stuff!! My new launch pad.

So, do I stop doubting my blogosphere skills and start making my space here? For real, for real? For real.



Question: Has a Shutdown on social media actually rekindled a LOVE for something else?


4 thoughts on “Out with the Old, In with the Clone”

  1. I had a really beefy social media following on my previous blog. I spent years cultivating and perfecting it, and then one day, I was just over it. It seemed like such a time suck, like it was detracting from my real life interactions. I deleted it all. I stopped blogging. It was fabulous.
    I have since started blogging again, but I’m staying away from social media this time. It’s more fun to me to interact during a small window of time each day, and actually write about stuff in a coherent fashion instead of worrying about multiple accounts 24/7. I will probably never have that “following” again, but I don’t care, because ultimately this is more fun and rewarding to me.
    Best wishes on your adventure!

    1. I seriously just hung off of every word you said. An absolute mirrored image of my thoughts and feelings. I felt as though I was becoming a slave to the page… questioning content, is it too much me? What’s everyone else doing? I just couldn’t anymore. Such fresh air, and relief! Thank you, for this!!! I genuinely mean that! I need to really hang in there with blogging…

      1. Seriously, you should!! It’s so fun to put it out there, even if it’s just a “dear diary.” I can definitely say I missed blogging more than keeping up with twitter or ig

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