Passing on Presses

Hello Hipsters, It’s a NEW Day!!

I can’t begin to tell you how much BETTER today is going.

Yesterday was just the pits, and I’m just glad its gone.


I had a good word and a good breakfast this morning.

Did I mention I ran 4 miles yesterday after cleaning, tending to sick kids,

all on the fuel of a small apple and a Spark? No Bueno. I made sure I had carbs today!

I didn’t go into lame details about all that happened, yesterday.

But, one of the tragedies that did was my dishwasher expired…just decided to die. Right after I loaded it.

So, that meant, I had to wash everything by hand yesterday today.

Lots of work, but I’m glad I waited until today, or else I’m sure I would’ve broken something.

No casualties. Good day so far.

Also, some good exercise was in the works early today…I got busy!

Here’s a little Tree Pose to spread the love..

Workout:  3 Mile Run

photo 4 (5)

It was HOT! From now on, if I don’t run before 9am, ain’t gonna happen! Now it’s..

Time for Yoga!

Confession: I skipped out on the 2nd Summer of Balance challenge. Here’s the excuse deal:

My right shoulder was overworked this weekend, I’m thinking Sunday it had too much.

My arm is totally functional, but certainly sore.

If there is anything I’ve learned from Yoga that I can apply here, it’s that

 “one must be patient with the body.”

So, until my shoulder feels 80% 100% again, I’m laying off of the headstands forearm presses.

So, that is that. being said,

Yoga Challenge: Kapotasana (King Pigeon) &

photo (15)

Utthita Hasta Padangushtasana (Standing Leg Raise)

photo (16)

I convinced my head to touch my knee, and we’d reward the tummy with cookie butter…

Cookie Butter Yumminess. FTW! 🙂


Almost forgot – You know that moment when you tag your FAVORITE artist in a Tweet

(because her music is amazing) and she starts following you on Twitter?

Made my entire life YEAR! She is phenomenal. Her music is incredible.

I was also asked to contribute to something next month Fitness related, so

I’ll keep you all in the loop about that too!

Wow. Today was fantastic! Finally, can laugh at yesterday’s nonsense…


In. Your. Face.

 Off to finish cooking dinner and and get ready for Yoga class. I’ll holla, Hip Huggers 🙂

Question: Have you ever 86’d a ‘challenge’ because your body said “No”? Or did you press on? 🙂

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