Super Tuesday Turmeric Brew

Hello Hip Huggers! It’s Super Tuesday!

In honor of said super important day, I have made my 2nd batch of this super antioxidant, detoxifying, health drink my friend Hannah passed on to me when I want feeling myself a few weeks back. I feel it’s my duty to share with you all this great recipe. So, a couple things first…

1) I’d stop by your local thrift and try and find a few mason jars. If your lucky and can find the uber cute ones, awesome. They’ll hold the perfect amount. Just be sure they all have screw in tops. I say go ahead and buy the glass storage jars because…

2) Turmeric stains something serious! So I’d have some nice hot, bleachy dishwater (or whatever stain fighter you use) waiting in the wings. I’ve learned that glass doesn’t stain like plastic does. Permanantly dyed a great Brita pitcher my first go round.

And now for the Wonder Shots:

3 Handfulds Fresh Ginger Root

3 Handfuls Fresh Turmeric

5 Organic Lemons, peeled

32 ounces Filtered Water

1/4 cup Manuka Honey, or Raw Honey

Strainer or Sieve

In a large pot, grate (or food process for time) all the ginger and turmeric. 

Peel lemons and drop in pot. Add filtered water and bring to a simmer. Let simmer for maybe 5 minutes and move batch of goodness to another burner to rest. In about 20 minutes, strain the batch into a large pitcher. Add honey and stir.  

Separate into Mason jars and let cool before storing in fridge. 

Serving size, about 2 ounces a day, when feeling bad, or until finished. 


Testimonial: I started drinking this concoction about 2 weeks ago. First thing I noticed was the incredible energy boost I got, almost instantly. Also, my husband and daughter both had a bad case of strep and I made it out unscathed. I’m very susceptible to strep since having mono as a teen and acquiring an upper respiratory infection back in 2011. I woke up a bit groggy Sat morning when all were sick, drank my last brew and boom… sickness fought off!

Try it and let me know how it works for you! 

 If you’ve already discovered this great supplement – how has it helped you?


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