One (not) for the Books!

Hello Hip Huggers, I’m so glad its the weekend!

I have had a pretty stressful week. One of my twin boys had strep and ended up being home all week due to a bad reaction from the antibiotics. Lots of extra mom duties, so I didn’t get much working out done. I did get started on a series of books I want to have read this year. I’m such a sucker for excuses vampires…

Red wine too.

But geez, do I miss my fitness! No, not just being fine as wine with my weight, but, living the Fit Life. The looming thought of running galavanting around my brain all day. The soreness from a great muscle building workout. The incredible sleep I used to get being spent by end of the day. Lastly, the feeling of control over SOMETHING in my life for a change, lol!

So, with that said,   I’ve been tinkering with eating for lifestyle again. I’ve been eating plenty, never don’t worry, but I have been striving for more of a balance between complex carbs and protein and trying to dial down all the yummy fat…

Hey, I’m a work in progress. Really, who can resist mozzarella balls and olives? And cheese crisps? Should be me! But it’s not. I tried.


No, you shant.

And, I finally got out of my head and ran….yes ran. Forward movement. Heavy breathing. Sweat and stink ran. And it was incredible!

I chatted with my bff while I warmed up and about 15 minutes before I felt ready. I had 4 planned in my head, but wasn’t feeling tracking my run, so I opted out. I knew Fitbit would tell me later what I actually ran, so I wasn’t wrapped up in it. My legs felt fresh, of course and I had air in my lungs! I didn’t start laboring until about 45 minutes in. I usually get tired and my form starts breaking around 5 miles give or take. Maybe less considering I’m less fit today, but I was in the ballpark. All smiles after those miles!

Now, I’m off to stretch and combat the inevitable hip soreness I will greet at dawn.. welcome back, #runnerprobs.. How I’ve missed you.

Question: Do you track/log all your runs? Or do you just wing it?


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