My First Post

Hello World! Welcome to my very first post on a blog that I hope is going to create very good changes in the lives of very ready people! I could write a long story about how I got started losing weight back in 2010, but there will be a time more suited for that. I need to handle that gently…But today, I do want to motivate people to change, and be glad they did it!
A little bio: I am 33, married for 13 years to an awesome man, birthed 5 children, including 2 sets of twins. I reside in Texas, but I hail from the great golden state! Born in San Diego, raised in San Francisco.. and began my sweet family here in Dallas. But always a total hippie at heart!Devoting my life to my family has been a dream, but putting my health and livelihood second was not good for my spirit… at all! I lived a heavily sedentary life filled with emotional eating (not even including eating all my kid’s leftovers), and depression (from feeling as though my life hadn’t amounted to much) that left me smiling on the outside to neighbors, family, and friends, while feeling hopeless on the inside, trading confidence for anxiety and wanting be hidden from the world.

But summer 2010, I turned it around, and began to care about how I feel. It was a whirlwind summer, but the “me” inside was awakened.. and she loves and cares for ME! I knew I wanted to be here for a long time, for my kids and my husband. I wanted to have a say about my lifestyle, and not let life get the best if me. Slowly.. I bore a healthy and active lifestyle of eating well, living well and loving my life!

Not all seasons have been a cake walk, but I have walked it out — step by step, day by day since I laced up those Asics spring break 2011, and walked my first 3 miles towards being fit, and I haven’t turned back!

So, I hope and pray this blog inspires you to move! No matter what shape, size, age.. we are all challenged daily to put being healthy first! We must! In short, I will be posting pretty much about my weekly running, healthy meals and doing other healthy, challenging exercises to maintain my fitness, and even maybe lose a little more than 10 lbs. weight!

Who wants in on this?


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