Happy Monday!

If there is ever a day I run or workout, Monday is that day. I have learned once I push myself to get out after a weekend filled with eats, rest, and fun… getting up and working out the rest of the week is easy peasy!

Ahh, and an added bonus, it’s such a beautiful November day outside! I really considered just running an easy 3 miler and soaking up the sun. But, I needed to lift some iron.

So, off to the sports center…

Todays workout: 2 mile run and heavy shoulders and back.

I ran it pretty quick! Which is a feat considering there is NO a/c here and it’s a sweat fest from the time your body gets warmed up! But, I won’t complain.. sweat is sweet!!

My favorite body part to work is shoulders because I am totally convinced I see instant results! The pump is no joke! It’s also a good confidence booster when I am trying to lean out and need to see that definition coming… Ahh, I love it!

With that check in the box, I had to stop and reload on chicken breast to prep some meals this week. I grabbed a quick recovery drink so I can multitask without starving once I get home. Workout complete!

What was your workout to kick off the new week? Did you run? Lift? Complete a DVD?

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