5 Miles… Nuts!!

I am suffering from one of the 3 agonies below… ugh, nuts.

As much as I wanted to cry myself a river lie on the floor and do nothing, I had a run planned today!
Peeled myself away from my big tin of salted nuts, and got dressed. These little guys came and watched… nuts!

This weather is nutty! Hottest 37 degrees ever! And. Just. Beautiful.

Run Done! 5 miles complete!

Came home for a quick shower and recovery before running out to do some errands. Flipped through some glossy pages as I rested, too…before I go nuts.

I’m not a vegetarian, however I do make meatless meals often. My family has been real good sports about trying new foods, thank God! I eat plenty of lean meats, but I still supplement with protein drinks and protein rich foods. Protein is the best recovery after a good run or workout for me!
A cup of Greek yogurt (which is packed with protein by the way) and some granola for good measure is the best nightcap when my late night cravings hit! Try it! Go nuts!!!

What has put a snag in your running/workout plans? What do you think about meatless food options?

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4 thoughts on “5 Miles… Nuts!!”

  1. I LOVE meatless food options. I’m definitely not a vegetarian, but some of my favorite meals lack meat and are still 100% satisfying. But as a runner I couldn’t agree more, it is SO important to make sure you are always getting that protein!

    1. Boo, I thought I commented back! I’m still a blogger-in-training.. Forgive me. 🙂 But yes, I have learned to make many satisfying meals without meat, and I am so glad I have opened myself up to those other eating options! I still get the protein necessary, too! So many protein rich foods for all eating lifestyles out there. I’m always on the prowl for new recipes!

  2. That’s a good idea! I do like my cereal, Kashi is great ( when it’s not taring the roof of my mouth up lol). I really had no idea how important it was. I’ve heard about eating protein after workouts… But I wasn’t sure of how much I should eat. Thx for the tips!
    I definitely know the feeling of bloat… And demotivation.. But u are an inspiration!

    1. Lol, I love Kashi, too! You can crumble just about any oat/cereal over yogurt and it’s delish! And yes, protein is essential to muscle rebuilding. Even a glass of chocolate milk after a run is good! I’m so glad I can be an inspiration! I am inspired daily, and I just want to spread that good, too! 🙂

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