Easy Runnin’ + Coolin’

Hello Readers! Happy Hump Day!!

Wednesdays are my best run days (says NikeRunning, lol) so I geared up for an easy run.Had a queen’s breakfast today, so I am good and fueled up! I did want a little something sweet, so I grabbed a small handful of dried cranberries. Strapped on my Garmin, and I hit the road…


Cold…yes! Sunny, blue, and beautiful.. yes, yes, and yes!!!

Easy run playlist fav! This song feels just as cool as the title reads, seriously! Good listen, if it’s your thing…

My easy runs really help me feel/fix my form. I pay attention to picking up my knees and not twisting my torso so much… I’ve improved! My greatest fear is getting injured trying to do too much or doing it improperly and not being able to run at all! Never worth it. I’m a work in progress, and happy with my 10 minute miles for now…

Run done! 3 chilly miles…

Rehydration. I’m a salty sweater 😁💦

My daughters had a Thanksgiving program at their school last night. So, between getting them ready, cooking dinner, and elbowing for pictures, I was spent. I did nothing. I woke up about 11pm and ironed school clothes.. but that was it! I now have many things to get tidy around here, today. I need hired help, or my mom to visit, lol! Until then, my family is on notice.

What does your midweek workout look like? Taking it easy, or going big?

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