I Care.. and I Cheat.

And that is precisely why I am up and at ’em this morning!
I needed to run 3 miles today. My neighbor has been running with me, but today, running behind, lol. So, being the awesome sauce I am I told her take her time and we’d go about 7:45. That gave me 30 extra minutes to run, so I got it in!Run Done!!

We then walked to the park, and ran 2 miles. That makes 5 miles today, all fasted cardio, so I am officially starving!! Showered and cooked up some eggs and turkey bacon… brewed some ginger tea too!

Found this cool quote about running on Instagram. Its so much more than just exercise, I swear.

No lifting today, so I ran errands. Was out and about shopping and found Red Mill cheap!!

Here’s the winner!

We had to decide on what to eat for lunch since we were out. She wanted El Chico’s, so
since I had no ideas to bring to the table mexican it was. I toiled between ordering a soup/salad or really ordering something I’d like. I have been eating so well, and didn’t want to break the streak just yet. But, I gave in. I was hungry and wanted food!! Of course I felt a little guilt because I care about my weight am working hard at eating clean — but I recovered quickly. Best.burrito.bowl ever!! I enjoyed every bite!

3 mile run and leg day in the morning! Brushing my shoulders off… I’m already over you, cheat meal!


What have you indulged in this week so far?

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2 thoughts on “I Care.. and I Cheat.”

    1. Yes!! They’re so expensive! I was glad to just find a couple of things I wanted to try for cheap! And thank you! I am hoping this week and working out go hand in hand 🙂

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