Monday Motives… and some Motivation.

Planned to get out and run 4 miles this morning after dropping the kiddos off at school…

Had some company, and we did a lot of chatting. Didn’t really get our running minds until about 1.5 miles in, then we were off.

Hey, it’s still looking like Fall in a few places…

Half mile cool down at the end.

Came home and got a call from the hubby that he scheduled himself a personal day and totally forgot! So, he was on his way and of course wanted to hit the gym 🙂
So, we worked arms/shoulders/chest. Here’s a few pics of some of the exercises…

Now home and hungry!! The quickest tastiest thing he could whip up! I love me some him! And some Runner’s World 😘

Are you getting it in this Monday? Partnering up or going solo?

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