Sore Success!

Whoa, I woke up sore. Good thing it was all upper body from Monday’s workout, because it was light Leg Day!

Went about 10:30am. Gym completely empty, so I hurried to the squat rack. I threw up 3 sets of 10 @ 135# easy.. confirming my husband’s theory that I can lift more… even on light days:-)

I am really proud today! I have always sat on the sidelines and watched other women squat with such intensity and wondered, “what is wrong with me!” Squats have always been intimidating to me — that is until last week. My husband pushed me and showed me it is all mental. I want my body to change and now I know I have the physical power to do it! I just had to get my mental there. Finally — I ❤️ squats!

Leg Day Done! Came home, grabbed my new Prevention magazine, brewed some ginger tea, and started stretching. I really began stretching after my runs over the summer and it has helped substantially with my recovery. I have been doing the same with weight training, and I have been much less sore than anticipated for such heavy lifting. My legs thank me!

Maybe this article explains why I am not curled up in a ball after 2 days of intense weight training.. I love my java!!

What exercise do you need to work on to gain confidence in? Do you stretch post workout? Are you a coffee lover?

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