Rain, Run.. and Romance

This weather. Cold front coming through so wanted to get my last outdoor run in for the week. I was warming up for my run (it was a little misty) then BAM! Straight up pouring rain!! So the run was over before it began which totally threw off my whole morning. I came home and was just lost. My husband mentioned he was leaving the office early (I heard him say 2), so I didn’t want to wait around that long before getting a workout in. So, I headed to the gym.

I got there and the gym was totally empty. Refreshing since it’s been so many people there lately..

I warmed up with a quick 2 mile run in the Cardio Zone! Had a chat with a guy on the eliptical about the Ranger’s trade. I like Kinsler, but Fielder is a slugger! Go Rangers!

Worked arms lighter – about 15 lbs less weight for machines, 5 less on free weights, and increased reps to 12.. What a pump!

Home to recover and stretch!! I am always gonna impose encourage this because it is so important!!

My husband got off super early (like 10 am!) which I wish I had known because I really would have loved a gym buddy today was excited about! Mainly because I was hungry and wanted to be treated to lunch. I missed him a little too, lol 🙂
Look, he came bearing gifts! I totally married up.

Went to Saltgrass steakhouse for lunch. Food absolutely hit the spot after that workout! I hope I didn’t totally undo it all.. Eek!!

Vaquero tacos.. Just 2. I can live with that!

What did you treat yourself to this week?

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