Work it Out!!

As if late, I have sorely missed having a social life job. I worked at a bank up until this past summer when I decided to be home indefinitely, family decision. Well, I was recently called up and asked to come back to work at the bank, just at a further different location! I’m in a pickle because sure I miss working, and would love to have something to do all day. However, I am not sure January is a good time to return. Or, if I want to return at all! I have also been heavily considering other work down below…



In other news, my new running pants arrived! I was hoping to have some beginner’s luck since I have had no luck in clothes I haven’t been able to try on first…


The jury is still out on them. But they held up well at the gym through jump rope and running, leg day and basketball and also were a hit with the afterschool moms 🙂


My daily 3L water intake has been awesome! I’m so mad I ever stopped because I feel so much better after just one week! That bloat I have been secretly fighting is dissipating and my jeans are kind to me again. Hey, I like looking swell…not swollen. After a week, I’m looking mighty svelt if I say so myself! 🙂


Ok, here’s the down below. I have been considering becoming a personal trainer for 2 years now. I have heard many, many times I’d be a great trainer, which is such a humbling thing to hear. Even with that encouragement, I still think things into the ground through, and I have concluded that in this big wide world full of fitness trainers, coaches, nutrition specialists, Instagram fitness chicks there is just enough room for me, too! I’ve already seen an influx of weight loss questions on my Facebook page... I have such proactive friends.


What is your dream job?


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