Sunday before Sundown…

Hello Hip Readers!! Took Saturday off from everything and just relaxed! Much needed recovery. All rested and ready for the week! Here’s a rundown of my Sunday..
Morning coffee and clothes to fold. Finally catching up on all this…

1 load down, 10 more years 2 more to go…

On my way to church. I was out of huevos, so a PB protein shake it was (see pretty cup)…

Time to hit Legs! Worked back and some triceps too.

Yes, I wear a jacket tied around my waist at the gym… I’m such am advocate for modesty, lol
Food? Yes please. We ate wraps and Triscuits while watching the kids eat chili dogs and Doritos.. Oh the joys of youth!

Time to relax with the family. Run planned for the morning. Looking especially forward to this week! 🙂
Hope you all had a great weekend! Did you get a workout in?

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