Mental Monday

My sons just had a 45 minute conversation of the importance of purchasing an Xbox One for the entire family.. I didn’t hear any of it. I was too busy having a 45 minute conversation with my blogging app about the importance of me lifting weights today.

But anyway…
Had breakfast before we headed out to the gym: eggs, oats, turkey bacon, and Joe.

Got to the gym and worked Arms and Back. I upped all my sets to 4 because I am straight intense like that. I also added a few supersets into my workout, which was a real challenge, but I am trying to get my body somewhere, and I have to push myself harder now.

Ended my workout with a 1 mile intense walk. Started at 3.5 mph on a 10% incline and moved up to 4 mph for 1 mile… With my hoodie on! Intense sweat session…

Played a little basketball w/ the hubby too before leaving my 2nd favorite place on Earth.
Needed to grab some more almond milk for my Musclemilk, so I braved Walmart..

Why is Walmart so mental after the  weekends? I can’t even…
Also grabbed my favorite chips to accompany my wraps 🙂

Now home to recover, stretch, and watch the kids hold the TV hostage with Madden. The screaming and ridiculous clapping, and trash talking have already begun… And that’s just from my husband.
Ray Lewis has a little piece at the beginning and his words always ring in my mind:
What will you be remerebered for?

Got me thinking about some things I want to be remembered for… get busy!
Motivational Monday! What does yours look like?

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