Big Chop, Big Shop

Hello, Hip Huggers!! I’ve missed you. Feels like forever since I’ve blogged!! Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving with family, friends, laughs, and of course some good ol’ this…

Decided to chop off all that God awful bronze hair. That means I’ll be rocking the hats buzz for awhile…

But enough about life, this IS a random fitness blog right?
Cardio all day… breezy 5 miler. I missed you, mileage.

Home for a little leftover recovery…

Did a billion things today. Let’s just say I murdered Old Navy. We also crashed Walmart. Went in looking for a marked down juicer, wasn’t marked down enough so, I’ll just wait…. online. You’re just too mental for me, Walmart.

Whattt? Can’t believe I found this in there, and for $8! Saves me a trip Uptown.. Yessss!

Walmart also had all their spring/summer workout gear on clearance. Had to get a size big in shirts but hey, $14 for the whole lot! Can’t beat it with a stick!

Just in time because I’ve been very picture heavy on Instagram…

Did you start your Christmas shopping this weekend?

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