Texas State of Mind…

Aloha!!! Well, there isn’t anything tropical about the climate here right about now! Boy, are we bracing for some ridiculously cold weather here in the Big D!! Geez, feels like every time I get into a good running rhythm (read: training for a race) weather happens, hot or cold!

Please just let my power stay on! 5 kids, with no power for who knows how many days?? I’ll be a full time referee, or someone won’t make it out alive

Anyway. Here is a rewind of my week so far…
Monday was a 4 mile run, speedwork because I think I am training for a race…

I found this outside a neighbors house on my way back… I knocked asked, it works!

Tuesday was more of the same, I just have been in a cardio state of mind..
3 easy sunny miles.

Came home and baked some Flax Muffins. I have been trying to use the flax up before it’s no good. I keep it in the fridge, its cool.

Butter, flour, oil, and guilt free. Delish!

Wednesday ran 3 of these miles and….

Hit the gym, finally! It has been 1 week and I have maybe 1 no excuse for it. I have been missing running, yes, so that’s really it. Running is my anti anxiety drug… really is! Still, I am still working on balancing these 2.


I have really been missing home lately. I’m from SoCal – born in San Diego, lived there til I was 8. Moved to San Francisco and that was home until I was 18, then moved back to SoCal. My mom, brother, and sister all still live there.. so a BIG piece of my heart resides there. I have been sulking lately thank you, holidays in all my favorite Cali songs…


Boo. I was feeling pretty blue when one of the many Fitspos I follow on Instagram posted this…


I must say, I laughed out loud! God has a very subtle way of reminding you of scriptures you need to carry you through tough times. I needed this šŸ™‚
Well, I’m hunkering down for this cold weather coming. What are you doing to keep on track with all these weather changes?

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