Second Time Around…

I am a huge advocate for home workouts. When I first decided to become physically active, I walked and incorporated step aerobics into my life.

Backstory: I found a Step and 4 risers at a garage sale for $5 back in 2008. I bought a step DVD for plus size women online. Mind you, I had never stepped before in my life. I completed the workout 2 times, and then unapologetically retired all that stuff to the hall closet. Step is intense! I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was to get fit that way, or at all. I gave up…

Fast forward 3 years and THIS time, it was the beginning of a great relationship! When I couldn’t walk outside, I made no excuse for not working out. I pulled out that step, threw in that DVD and got moving! Even now, if I want to build up a good 45 minute sweat session, it’s my go to. So glad I held onto it all these years – I absolutely love all things Step. I am also a recent convert of all things Jillian Michaels. I have only watched her on ‘Biggest Loser and a few appearances she’s done, but I made up in my own mind that I really liked her (she may not be for everyone, but she’s for me!) and wanted to try her home workouts. If the opportunity (frugally) presented itself, I was in.
So, we were at a garage sale this summer and my husband spotted a couple JM DVDs: Yoga Meltdown and 30 Day Shred…He got them. And they sat on my shelf until last Monday. The weather was super cold out last week, so I was looking for something at home that would build up a good sweat and involve a little strength training… Voila!
After one week, I’m a fan! I love the intensity of 30 Day Shred. I did Level 1 Monday, Level 2 Wednesday, and Level 3 Friday. That workout is tough! Afterwards, I felt brand new, but it was a real challenge with each new circuit. I used 5 lb. weights for the strength segments… oh man!!

I shared my excitement on Instagram. My sister saw and remembered she had stuffed away her ‘Biggest Winner Collection after losing her baby weight. She saw my interest, and since she’ll never use them (she is an avid runner, I have drawn so much inspiration from her.. that’s another post), she sent them on down to me! With winter coming, these alternatives are perfect! New toys to try!Today’s workout: 30 Day Shred Level 3 (20 mins.) and a 3 mile run…
Done… and done.
Protein recovery… Open and shut.Crazy the mental transformation. I remember dreading putting that step DVD in after my first go. Made up in my mind I was modifying everything before I even started. Now, years later and a mind/body transformed, I go full out! I push it to the limits! I don’t like getting left behind, so I dig! I love working out!
What weightloss/fitness programs have worked better for you the second time around?

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3 thoughts on “Second Time Around…”

  1. I definitely am a fan of the in-home strength training work outs…I an motivate myself like no other with running, but strength is a new story. I currently am LOVING body weight training, but have done Julian’s yoga meltdown many times and LOVE it.

    1. Yes! With 5 kids, I always knew I’d be a home workout vixen! My husband is always telling me “body weight training” is my thing, I just don’t know it yet, lol! The Yoga meltdown is hard! Hopefully I can enjoy it as you have one day!

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