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Fog, Food, and Free Weights

Hey Hey, Hip Huggers!

This morning, I had planned for a run.. but the fog was ridiculous!


So, while I waited for the sun to come and do it’s thing,
I cooked up this complete breakfast and grabbed a book to
keep me busy. Just until the fog let up a bit.


2 hours, a LOT of fog still lingered… and no sun.
Visibility had to be 10 yards or so. Just too dangerous
to run, even at the speed I planned on sloshing about at.
So finally,  I opted for a quick lifting sesh instead.


For the first time in quite awhile,
I concentrated on just one muscle group
and keeping my heart rate between
70 – 80% by still having an active rest in between.
My workout consisted of:

15 Dumbbell Presses
15 (ea.) Single Shoulder Presses
15 Pulse to Full Presses

Between each of these sets, I performed 15 squats
to keep my heart rate up and immediately jumped right
back into the shoulder work with little recovery.

3 sets of all that and I was toast.

I felt very alive after that burn, so
still wanted some cardio… any cardio!
Luckily, my neighbor text and asked if I wanted to stroll, yo.


Showered, stretched, and satisfied.
Now I’m home snacking on a banana
with a few handfuls nuts and berries.


I’m currently updating my blog page… hyper complicated.
So be patient if ‘ish looks weird on here. I’m a novice.


Wish me luck, I need a fresh outlook for the New Year!

Question: What is your favorite social media site?

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Labor Day Recline

Hello Hip Huggers! Happy Labor Day and the Unofficial End of Summer!


My labor workout this morning consisted of an old faithful 5k run and stretch.


Supta Virasana, or Reclined Hero Pose.

This asana is considered an intense stretch. I recline back from hero very sloooooow.

There are 3 reasons why I think this pose is ideal post run is:

First, it stretches my abs, quads, and hip flexors… all which are really tight after a hard run.

Also, reclined hero pose is a great stretch for the ankles, knees, and arches of the feet, if done gently and not forced.

Lastly, after all the work of our good ol’ spines holding us upright for that tough run,

this pose allows for lengthening of the vertebrae which get a compressed sometimes from poor form.

Just lying in this a minute or 2 helps me tremendously! I am careful to breath and let my body relax in it.

 But, if you become uncomfortable at anytime or this stretch is a bit too intense,

I’d suggest maybe using bolsters, blankets, or pillows underneath your head, shoulders and/or your knees for relief.


Disclaimer: Though I am a yoga enthusiast, I am not a yoga teacher.
Please exercise caution when attempting any yoga pose, and always honor your body.
The views on this blog are mine alone, based on my own practice.
Please consult a certified yoga teacher for deeper guidance and help with any yoga practice you begin.


Eat BBQ, Run Happy, Lift Heavy, Stretch Daily, Hip Huggers!!

Question: How long do you stretch after a workout?


14 years, 7 Miles, 0 Leftovers

Hello Hip Huggers! How’s your weekend been?

I had a pretty cool weekend, myself!

Saturday, my hubby and I celebrated 14 years of holy matrimony.

I married a great guy! I’m a good picker  apparently not of weeds though.

We went to Campisi’s for pizza (eh, I’ve had better) then to
Half Price Books (the Uptown flagship, my favorite spot) for books & coffee.
Lastly, stopped at BJ’s Brewery for carbs drinks. The night felt so live!
Maybe it was the awesome Super Moon, if you believe in cosmic stuff like me that 🙂

Long Islands may not have been the best idea in hindsight,
considering I had a run planned in the morning with
a friend/fellow runner also training for her first half…
Meet Nikki, Hip Huggers! My new weekend running buddy!

We planned 8 miles, but spent so much time taking pictures talking
before heading out that we lost valuble time before things really began heating up.
We warmed up walking for about a mile and started good.
Then, the alcohol 91° heat got the best of me.
I couldn’t pick up speed thru the entire thing. I ran out of water at mile 4 and I was dead DONE after that.
We conceeded at 7 miles; we were just running too slow/walking too much to get back home
in 1:30 as planned to get our families ready go to church.
Walked the last 1/2 mile to cooldown. But still, it was such a great run!
I’m so happy to have an experienced runner to help with my long runs on the weekends.
Training is already looking up! We’re beating the heat next week.. 6 miles @ sub 11 pace 🙂

Swerving on..
My hubby is on vacation this week! So, it’s kinda nice having another
motivated running buddy for these super sleepy Monday mornings.
Monday: Quick 5k & Sirsasana before heading out to run some important errands…

Read: restocking on post run popcorn recovery 🙂

Tuesday: Another hot, slow run. But I was easy on myself.
Mid July runs after 7 am are gonna be slooow, fool Pam!
Must make 6:30 start time a priority!!

5 miles done!

I set out for just 3, but I think all the running I’ve tackled
over the last few days is catching up with me.
My legs were heavy and I felt like I crawled the entire run.
On a high note, I’m at 54 of 85 miles for July up there!
and speaking of long, its been a minute since
I had a good, long, heart opening yoga session at home.

Mind, Body, Heart Opened? Check.
Now, to catch up on Sunday’s The Leftovers, with popcorn because
we ate out last night and we have 0 leftovers.

I’m so Hooked, Hip Huggers! See Ya!!

Question: Hot Days? Treadmill Work or Slow Road Run?


Week Long Runs & Run Downs

Happy Friday, Hip Huggers!

A few pretty cool things happened this week!

Let’s start with Monday

a 5 miler and some yoga pose challenges right

Well, as I was coming to blog about this massive dead turtle seen on my run,

my hubby came home with a gift bearing a familiar sentiment…

I got an iPad! A blog reader’s dream! I didn’t even beg ask!

Just Love Him 🙂

So, I’m distracted scrolling through Instagram when I noticed I had a message in my inbox.

It was a fellow fit IG’er, Heartbeat4Many, asking if I’d help host

a yoga challenge but not really a challenge #ShadesofHealth on Instagram.

Then she made a collage of all the yogis participating. I was blown away..

…blown away because I cannot believe someone felt I belonged in this crowd of exceptional yoginis.

I’m so humbled and filled with gratitude. I don’t. deserve. this. attention.



has rolled around. I wanted to get a quick yoga session in before my run.

Another IG’er I follow posted a video of her first successful handstand.

Our fears were very similar, so that gave me a sense of strength in that I could do it, too…

Very proud of that!

But with all the energy given to the excitement of it all,

 I needed a jolt of energy to handle this short run…


The beautiful sky honestly was almost enough.



was a pleasant surprise! My neighbor wanted to run along!

I had 3 miles already planned! Perfect distance  for our friendship so it was just all meant to be…



was a much needed rest day from running.

I had been nonstop since the Week before! I needed to break before I broke myself.

But I did get in some yoga…



Today, my long run was planned. 8 miles was on the menu…

Guess I wanted dessert! Pink Toes!

Today is also my twin son’s birthday and we’re taking them to see Transformers tonight.

So, I’m stealing a few moments with Runner’s World and

a green smoothie bliss and chatting it up with y’all!

Lastly, I got a few questions last week,  so I dabbled in vlogging it all!

Check it out!

Question? What are your questions??




















Boom! and Bloom

Happy Solstice, Hip Huggers! Today started out absolutely gorgeous!


Summer is in full bloom!

I jumped in yesterday with a quick share about my natural hair feature, because

a) I can’t hold water, and

b) It was a special post that earned its own special spot.

**Quick Friday Recap: **

Yesterday was my hubby’s birthday so that is my excuse explains by leave of absence.

Not from running though! I got a good run in about 9am.

Funny, my brain said 6 miles and my body adamantly said 5. My plan was to break even, or at least

convince my body that was the plan…

Friday Workout: 6 Mile Run


Clearly, the gams lost… I just have a weird peeve of half miles –

so I knew that wasn’t happening.

Today’s run was a little smoother. I knew I was running 6 miles, so I could totally zone

and win races in my head, as we should.


Saturday Workout: 6.2 Mile (10k) Run + Yoga


Some Sirsasana (Handstand) Love.

And I love this filter! It’s called Bloom.

My shoulder felt good, too! Just needed a few days

To rest I guess, glad I obliged and backed off of the challenges.

I’m good at listening to my body, totally over overdoing it.


I’m also totally over 27 miles for the week! Boom.

 So a 3 Mile run is the ONLY running I am

Planning to do tomorrow. Boom.

Long time since I’ve been able to

Tout those stats .. boom

I’m encouraged!

And rehydrated.


I found this absolutely perfect quote on a Yoga page and

It just absolutely speaks my heart about being the best you…

photo 2 (3)

Bloom Big, Hup Huggers 🙂

Question: Do you find yourself competing? Does it help or hurt you?







Easy Runnin’ + Coolin’

Hello Readers! Happy Hump Day!!

Wednesdays are my best run days (says NikeRunning, lol) so I geared up for an easy run.Had a queen’s breakfast today, so I am good and fueled up! I did want a little something sweet, so I grabbed a small handful of dried cranberries. Strapped on my Garmin, and I hit the road…


Cold…yes! Sunny, blue, and beautiful.. yes, yes, and yes!!!

Easy run playlist fav! This song feels just as cool as the title reads, seriously! Good listen, if it’s your thing…

My easy runs really help me feel/fix my form. I pay attention to picking up my knees and not twisting my torso so much… I’ve improved! My greatest fear is getting injured trying to do too much or doing it improperly and not being able to run at all! Never worth it. I’m a work in progress, and happy with my 10 minute miles for now…

Run done! 3 chilly miles…

Rehydration. I’m a salty sweater 😁💦

My daughters had a Thanksgiving program at their school last night. So, between getting them ready, cooking dinner, and elbowing for pictures, I was spent. I did nothing. I woke up about 11pm and ironed school clothes.. but that was it! I now have many things to get tidy around here, today. I need hired help, or my mom to visit, lol! Until then, my family is on notice.

What does your midweek workout look like? Taking it easy, or going big?

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Second Time Around…

I am a huge advocate for home workouts. When I first decided to become physically active, I walked and incorporated step aerobics into my life.

Backstory: I found a Step and 4 risers at a garage sale for $5 back in 2008. I bought a step DVD for plus size women online. Mind you, I had never stepped before in my life. I completed the workout 2 times, and then unapologetically retired all that stuff to the hall closet. Step is intense! I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was to get fit that way, or at all. I gave up…

Fast forward 3 years and THIS time, it was the beginning of a great relationship! When I couldn’t walk outside, I made no excuse for not working out. I pulled out that step, threw in that DVD and got moving! Even now, if I want to build up a good 45 minute sweat session, it’s my go to. So glad I held onto it all these years – I absolutely love all things Step. I am also a recent convert of all things Jillian Michaels. I have only watched her on ‘Biggest Loser and a few appearances she’s done, but I made up in my own mind that I really liked her (she may not be for everyone, but she’s for me!) and wanted to try her home workouts. If the opportunity (frugally) presented itself, I was in.
So, we were at a garage sale this summer and my husband spotted a couple JM DVDs: Yoga Meltdown and 30 Day Shred…He got them. And they sat on my shelf until last Monday. The weather was super cold out last week, so I was looking for something at home that would build up a good sweat and involve a little strength training… Voila!
After one week, I’m a fan! I love the intensity of 30 Day Shred. I did Level 1 Monday, Level 2 Wednesday, and Level 3 Friday. That workout is tough! Afterwards, I felt brand new, but it was a real challenge with each new circuit. I used 5 lb. weights for the strength segments… oh man!!

I shared my excitement on Instagram. My sister saw and remembered she had stuffed away her ‘Biggest Winner Collection after losing her baby weight. She saw my interest, and since she’ll never use them (she is an avid runner, I have drawn so much inspiration from her.. that’s another post), she sent them on down to me! With winter coming, these alternatives are perfect! New toys to try!Today’s workout: 30 Day Shred Level 3 (20 mins.) and a 3 mile run…
Done… and done.
Protein recovery… Open and shut.Crazy the mental transformation. I remember dreading putting that step DVD in after my first go. Made up in my mind I was modifying everything before I even started. Now, years later and a mind/body transformed, I go full out! I push it to the limits! I don’t like getting left behind, so I dig! I love working out!
What weightloss/fitness programs have worked better for you the second time around?

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