Soap Box 1.0

Good morning! I’m more of a post workout blogger, but I wanted to stop the world and thank ALL of you incredible people that have read my posts, liked my posts, commented on a post, and followed my blog! This is for you and me! I feel the more I share my journey to help you, the better I become at becoming better. It’s all very becoming exciting!!
I have only one expectation for this blog, to help somebody! Even if that someone is me! There are a flood of blogs that talk about weight loss, health, exercise, crude memes and crazy crossstrikes and living a healthy life in general. Even some where the blogger has the body of a demi-god fitness model and even i’m like, we can just stop making blogs, she takes the cake what am I doing here again?
But see, I didn’t lose weight because I saw a fabulous model and wanted to be her. Or some out of this world weight loss story and wanted those results. I lost weight because I simply needed to, for me. I didn’t follow blogs, or journeys.. I laced up, and got out. However, when I was ready for my body to change, I followed a blog. When I was ready to become a runner, I followed a blog. Those blogs became my workout partners… I was doing what they did because I wanted that change.
And it works! It really does. That’s why I am here! Somebody is ready to change in a big way, and if you have chosen, even silently, to allow my blog to help in that journey– you have made a wise decision given this blog life and purpose, and I thank you for that!

So, that’s my spiel. I’m off to go throw around heavy things! Friday’s post will be up soon! Thank You, Hip Huggers!!!!!!

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