Far and Few…

Happy New Year, Hip Huggers! I bet you were wondering where I’ve been all year…


Well, i’m alive! I have so much to write its crazy! However, I am strapped on time, ugh! Sitting in a dressing room as I write this but I have to share a few highlights of my year so far. Most importantly, I had to share today’s gem…


I ran a far 10 miles. Yes, I pushed through the fear of my body totally falling apart at the runswith hips, and I did it! Longest distance ever ran, so Nike have me a medal. 10 Mile High Club, holla!!


Well, my actual farthest run ever was from Cali to Texas in an attempt to find myself… but I won’t overwhelm you with that… for now…

I have also still been getting it in at the gym. I upped my home workouts and geez, am I seeing my body start changing. I knew I had to start mixing it up.. I’ve got serious goals this year…


I’m still training my clients and boy and I gonna be one heck of a trainer. My fear was not knowing how to separate my sweetness from my self absorbed determination to drown people with the passion to get fit or seriousness. Oh, but there’s a big fat check in that box! I am Trainer-in-Chief around these parts…


Lastly in my quick review, I adopted a new 4 month old Shih Tzu. Her name is Lucy. I have a weird way of correlating names and title to stuff with things going on in my life I have a meaningless tattoo that proves it so that will make more sense in my next post…


My Love 🐶

Ok, I gotta get back to business. See you later Hip Huggers!

Are you sticking to your New Year goals? What changes have you made so far?


Salud! And Summings Up..

Hola!! Long time, eh? Well, laptop self destructed itself and that has left me blogging from my app indefinitely. I’m not fancy enough for a tablet and am too  lazy busy to drop my laptop off apparently for repair. But, I need to do something because this blog has become my 3rd home (gym is 2nd) and I have missed promoting the joys of fitness…

Well, back at the ranch lots of working out has been goings ons!! Lots of legs and heavy lifting..

I have even injected running back into the groove of things… I was challenged in Nikeplus and that’s all it took to get crazy competitive again…

Random, but I remember how toned my lower back was when I was running 20+ miles a week. I need to get back there and that’s that. Also random have been on this MonsterMilk that I got on sale half off and it is gonna be tragic when I run out!

I may have to break down and buy that big $50 tub and sacrifice my Visa payment, or flu shots desire for things like this…

I also started operation Beyonce booty. Is time for a glute upgrade.

I’ve got a lot of work to do. But I can sure rock a pair of jeans in the mean time 🙂

Anyone? Anywho.. it’s Christmas Eve and I just finished a 4 miler.

Going to brave Walmart one more time to make sure we have every tiny thing we need. Because I think they’ll be closed so employees can spend quality time with their families and that’s really what Christmas is about these days, right?

Have a Merry Christmas Hip Huggers!! And a Happy.. well, i’ll see y’all before the New Year! Salud!

3 mile run tomorrow 🙂 Do you work out on holidays, too?

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Big Chop, Big Shop

Hello, Hip Huggers!! I’ve missed you. Feels like forever since I’ve blogged!! Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving with family, friends, laughs, and of course some good ol’ this…

Decided to chop off all that God awful bronze hair. That means I’ll be rocking the hats buzz for awhile…

But enough about life, this IS a random fitness blog right?
Cardio all day… breezy 5 miler. I missed you, mileage.

Home for a little leftover recovery…

Did a billion things today. Let’s just say I murdered Old Navy. We also crashed Walmart. Went in looking for a marked down juicer, wasn’t marked down enough so, I’ll just wait…. online. You’re just too mental for me, Walmart.

Whattt? Can’t believe I found this in there, and for $8! Saves me a trip Uptown.. Yessss!

Walmart also had all their spring/summer workout gear on clearance. Had to get a size big in shirts but hey, $14 for the whole lot! Can’t beat it with a stick!

Just in time because I’ve been very picture heavy on Instagram…

Did you start your Christmas shopping this weekend?

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Coffee, Cookies, and the Crazies

I woke up moody with a neck ache from those shoulder shrugs yesterday… and also because my house is a mess! Its driving me crazy! I need coffee to get stuff in order. Just want to curl up in a ball and be rolled under the couch with all the other socks and junk I now see under there. Stuff. Just. Everywhere.

Got moving and ready to run away workout. The usual roundup for breakfast. Oats for me are essential for heavy lifting days. I will be shaking halfway through my workout if I don’t have this carb in my belly to sustain me.

I like my oatmeal thick, not just kinda fine..

Coffee in hand, we headed to the gym. Worked legs heavy! Weighted squats, deadlifts, and walking lunges. For machines: calf raises, lying leg curls, leg extensions, sitting leg curls, hip adduction, hip abduction, and leg press with a calf raise superset. Takes just over an hour to do it all. 4 sets of everything. I get busy in the gym. I need one of those massive headphones so people know I’m not kidding, I’m here to put in work!!!

Finished up with a 1 mile hike walk on a 15% incline.. Sweat session complete!

Fiber is a regular in the house. I make sure my kids get a good amount everyday. For tonight’s bakery delight, I made Farmland Flax Cookies. They are delish! Kids love them! Recipe detail below:
Farmland Flax Cookies
1/2 cup butter (softened)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup all purpose flour (I use soy)
3/4 cup rolled oats
2/3 cup ground flaxseed meal
1 tsp baking soda
•Preheat oven to 350
•Blend together first 3 ingredients until light. Add egg and vanilla.
•In separate bowl, mix flour, flax, oats, and baking soda: stir into butter mixture until dough forms.
•Drop by teaspoonfuls balls (about 16) onto ungreased baking sheet about 2 inches apart. Gently flatten.
•Bake for 15 minutes on middle rack. Cool 10 minutes.

Pair with milk, coffee or Bailey’s and Swerve Serve 🙂

Surprisingly, they’re only about 69 calories each. Now, that’s not a license to go crazy!
We’ve got fit goals, remember?

What’s your favorite go to healthy treat?

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Mental Monday

My sons just had a 45 minute conversation of the importance of purchasing an Xbox One for the entire family.. I didn’t hear any of it. I was too busy having a 45 minute conversation with my blogging app about the importance of me lifting weights today.

But anyway…
Had breakfast before we headed out to the gym: eggs, oats, turkey bacon, and Joe.

Got to the gym and worked Arms and Back. I upped all my sets to 4 because I am straight intense like that. I also added a few supersets into my workout, which was a real challenge, but I am trying to get my body somewhere, and I have to push myself harder now.

Ended my workout with a 1 mile intense walk. Started at 3.5 mph on a 10% incline and moved up to 4 mph for 1 mile… With my hoodie on! Intense sweat session…

Played a little basketball w/ the hubby too before leaving my 2nd favorite place on Earth.
Needed to grab some more almond milk for my Musclemilk, so I braved Walmart..

Why is Walmart so mental after the  weekends? I can’t even…
Also grabbed my favorite chips to accompany my wraps 🙂

Now home to recover, stretch, and watch the kids hold the TV hostage with Madden. The screaming and ridiculous clapping, and trash talking have already begun… And that’s just from my husband.
Ray Lewis has a little piece at the beginning and his words always ring in my mind:
What will you be remerebered for?

Got me thinking about some things I want to be remembered for… get busy!
Motivational Monday! What does yours look like?

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Rest Day and the Rundown…

Yesterday was an unplanned rest day. I just couldn’t get my Friday going. Yes, I planned on working legs heavy at the gym but a) my hamstrings were tight.. b) It was cold, and that made my hamstrings feel tighter, and c) I didn’t feel like walking around with tight hamstrings.. I just didn’t.

So, I got up early this morning and did 45 minutes of Step Aerobics.. before the rooster crowed coffee! Fasted cardio. Sweat equity for real!!

Ran a few errands, which included taking my girls to the library to get books for Thanksgiving Break next week – so their brains don’t completely turn to mush playing Minecraft all week.

Later, went to gym. Way later. Also found out the center is closed Thur-Sat (sucks, right?) and that slams our plans because my husband is off all week and we’d planned to work out every day in some capacity. But, maybe its a good thing! I have been missing my running, and this is the perfect way to get a few runs in without being too fatigued to do a strength workout. The weather outlook is really nice next week! Win? No, because I am gonna miss lifting this week.. we’ll just call it a draw.

Well, my husband brought home almost an entire birthday cake from work. So, of course that meant I had to dive right in make me a sweet, yet healthy treat and fast before I caved. So, I made a quick, yet exquisite Mango Nice Cream 🙂

Mango Nice Cream:
• 2 cups frozen mango
• 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
• 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract

Blend, serve and enjoy your Saturday night 🙂

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Soap Box 1.0

Good morning! I’m more of a post workout blogger, but I wanted to stop the world and thank ALL of you incredible people that have read my posts, liked my posts, commented on a post, and followed my blog! This is for you and me! I feel the more I share my journey to help you, the better I become at becoming better. It’s all very becoming exciting!!
I have only one expectation for this blog, to help somebody! Even if that someone is me! There are a flood of blogs that talk about weight loss, health, exercise, crude memes and crazy crossstrikes and living a healthy life in general. Even some where the blogger has the body of a demi-god fitness model and even i’m like, we can just stop making blogs, she takes the cake what am I doing here again?
But see, I didn’t lose weight because I saw a fabulous model and wanted to be her. Or some out of this world weight loss story and wanted those results. I lost weight because I simply needed to, for me. I didn’t follow blogs, or journeys.. I laced up, and got out. However, when I was ready for my body to change, I followed a blog. When I was ready to become a runner, I followed a blog. Those blogs became my workout partners… I was doing what they did because I wanted that change.
And it works! It really does. That’s why I am here! Somebody is ready to change in a big way, and if you have chosen, even silently, to allow my blog to help in that journey– you have made a wise decision given this blog life and purpose, and I thank you for that!

So, that’s my spiel. I’m off to go throw around heavy things! Friday’s post will be up soon! Thank You, Hip Huggers!!!!!!

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Rain, Run.. and Romance

This weather. Cold front coming through so wanted to get my last outdoor run in for the week. I was warming up for my run (it was a little misty) then BAM! Straight up pouring rain!! So the run was over before it began which totally threw off my whole morning. I came home and was just lost. My husband mentioned he was leaving the office early (I heard him say 2), so I didn’t want to wait around that long before getting a workout in. So, I headed to the gym.

I got there and the gym was totally empty. Refreshing since it’s been so many people there lately..

I warmed up with a quick 2 mile run in the Cardio Zone! Had a chat with a guy on the eliptical about the Ranger’s trade. I like Kinsler, but Fielder is a slugger! Go Rangers!

Worked arms lighter – about 15 lbs less weight for machines, 5 less on free weights, and increased reps to 12.. What a pump!

Home to recover and stretch!! I am always gonna impose encourage this because it is so important!!

My husband got off super early (like 10 am!) which I wish I had known because I really would have loved a gym buddy today was excited about! Mainly because I was hungry and wanted to be treated to lunch. I missed him a little too, lol 🙂
Look, he came bearing gifts! I totally married up.

Went to Saltgrass steakhouse for lunch. Food absolutely hit the spot after that workout! I hope I didn’t totally undo it all.. Eek!!

Vaquero tacos.. Just 2. I can live with that!

What did you treat yourself to this week?

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Sore Success!

Whoa, I woke up sore. Good thing it was all upper body from Monday’s workout, because it was light Leg Day!

Went about 10:30am. Gym completely empty, so I hurried to the squat rack. I threw up 3 sets of 10 @ 135# easy.. confirming my husband’s theory that I can lift more… even on light days:-)

I am really proud today! I have always sat on the sidelines and watched other women squat with such intensity and wondered, “what is wrong with me!” Squats have always been intimidating to me — that is until last week. My husband pushed me and showed me it is all mental. I want my body to change and now I know I have the physical power to do it! I just had to get my mental there. Finally — I ❤️ squats!

Leg Day Done! Came home, grabbed my new Prevention magazine, brewed some ginger tea, and started stretching. I really began stretching after my runs over the summer and it has helped substantially with my recovery. I have been doing the same with weight training, and I have been much less sore than anticipated for such heavy lifting. My legs thank me!

Maybe this article explains why I am not curled up in a ball after 2 days of intense weight training.. I love my java!!

What exercise do you need to work on to gain confidence in? Do you stretch post workout? Are you a coffee lover?

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